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This week is all about seniors

Sept. 29 to Oct. 5 is Seniors’ Week in Saskatchewan, which coincides with National Seniors Day and International Day of Older Persons on Oct. 1. Seniors deserve special attention all year, but this week in particular is to recognize how important seniors are in our families and communities and to celebrate their many positive contributions—past and present.

According to the Ministry of Health, one in seven people in Saskatchewan is currently 65 years of age or older. That’s a big portion of our population! And this number is expected to climb to one in six by 2020.

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Colourful leaves bring reminder of home safety

It’s the first full day of fall! Exciting for some (my husband, Kelly). Not so exciting for others (like me.)

For hunters like Kelly, it’s the time of year when the elk start bugling and the deer enter full rut. Kelly painstakingly prepares all year for the short hunting season in fall when he gets to do what he loves most. For golfers like me, it means starting to lose my ball in the fallen leaves and having to wear multiple layers of clothing—often too many to maintain a proper swing—to stay warm for the 4-5 hours I’m out on the course. It also means I’ll soon be packing away my golf clubs for the long, cold winter that’s just around the corner.

Could hunting and golf be more different hobbies?! Let’s just say there’s an interesting dynamic in our household. Actually, it’s the best of both worlds. Kelly’s energy and excitement pick me up in the fall when I’m feeling blue about the golf season ending. And I reciprocate in spring when hunting season is over. We complement each other quite nicely.

Regardless of how you feel about fall, there are some seasonal dangers to keep in mind, especially for seniors who still live in a house or condo: Continue reading

Look after dem bones

Osteoporosis is pretty common in older men and women. It makes bones thin and more likely to break, and it is a major reason for fractures in women after menopause. If bones are fragile, even a minor fall can cause fractures.

I broke my arm once while high-jumping in a high school gym class. It was just a hairline fracture, but it was oh so painful. I never want to experience another fracture. Ever.

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Self-care a necessity for family caregivers

Family caregivers are special people. They make time in their busy schedules to care for elderly loved ones, and often put their own lives—and health—on hold. Their intentions are wonderful, even admirable. But providing help to elderly family member, especially one with dementia or a physical disability, can be super stressful and exhausting and can also lead to serious health problems if left unchecked.

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Historic Bell Barn the perfect venue for barn dance

Now that it’s September, it kind of feels like summer is over. But not just yet. There’s one more Olde Tyme Barn Dance coming up on Sept. 27 at the beautiful Historic Bell Barn in Indian Head, just 40 minutes from Regina.

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