Monthly Archives: April 2016

Senior or Seasoned?

Since launching No Place Like Home a couple of years ago, I’ve come across a lot of terms for older people: seniors, senior citizens, elders, older persons. “Seniors” and “senior citizens” are the most mainstream. They were also my go-to terms  … until now.

I met two dear friends, Sandra and Joe, at the Goulet Golf Club when I joined in 1997, a short 19 years ago! We spent many hours together on and off the golf course. Sadly, Joe became ill and home-bound about three years ago. For the next two years, Sandra selflessly provided full-time care to Joe and welcomed me into their home on numerous occasions to share coffee, delightful treats, and spirited discussions about golf and current events. It was during this quality time together that Joe and I discovered a shared passion for books. We talked many times about great books we’d read and the wonderful authors we admired. We even swapped a couple of our favourite books.

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