Canada is cool!

We live in the best country in the world! We enjoy breathtaking landscapes, clean water, fresh air, exceptional food, and beautiful people. I love it all. To me, the best part of our amazing country is the freedom we enjoy. Freedom to speak. Freedom to be ourselves. And freedom to choose our leaders, our career, our friends, our life partner, and how and what we celebrate.

I know what you’re thinking … What about the weather in Canada? It isn’t always so great, especially in Saskatchewan. And especially the last few days. In fact, the recent deluge in Regina caused organizers to make some last-minute cancellations and changes to today’s Regina Canada Day festivities.

That said, poor weather is what makes us appreciate when we have fantastic weather. And like you, I too am hoping that hot, summer weather will arrive any day. And it will!

Whatever you’re doing this Canada Day, rain or shine, take pride in the fact that the choice of how you celebrate is all yours.

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Happy Canada Day!