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Senior or Seasoned?

Since launching No Place Like Home a couple of years ago, I’ve come across a lot of terms for older people: seniors, senior citizens, elders, older persons. “Seniors” and “senior citizens” are the most mainstream. They were also my go-to terms  … until now.

I met two dear friends, Sandra and Joe, at the Goulet Golf Club when I joined in 1997, a short 19 years ago! We spent many hours together on and off the golf course. Sadly, Joe became ill and home-bound about three years ago. For the next two years, Sandra selflessly provided full-time care to Joe and welcomed me into their home on numerous occasions to share coffee, delightful treats, and spirited discussions about golf and current events. It was during this quality time together that Joe and I discovered a shared passion for books. We talked many times about great books we’d read and the wonderful authors we admired. We even swapped a couple of our favourite books.

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86 and loving it!

When I was about to turn 40 a few years ago, I got in a bit of a pout. I had no reason, really.  I was in good health. I had a challenging and good-paying job. I had great friends and a wonderful husband. Life was pretty fantastic. But something about turning 40 really bothered me.  And then, it happened. My birthday came and went. I was 40. Turns out it wasn’t so bad. And, thankfully, within a few days, I snapped out of my funk and returned to a happy place.

I was in the car with one of my clients recently. We were on the subject of age, and she told me how glad she is to be 86. I was speechless (which almost never happens). Continue reading

Get out those “buffet pants”

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. ‘Tis the season to start overindulging. Thank goodness for “buffet pants” (what Kelly and I call any pants containing spandex, which allow our mid-section a bit more room after a monster meal!).

Thanksgiving in Canada was traditionally about being thankful for another year’s harvest and having enough food to survive the winter. Today, we maintain our attention on thankfulness, but with more emphasis than ever on food, usually turkey, gravy, dressing, and pumpkin pie as the big finale.

I am always thankful for my family, good friends, and good health … not just at Thanksgiving, but each and every day. (Sappy but true.) But as this Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I find myself being thankful for so much more, thanks to No Place Like Home. Continue reading

Growing older is awesome

Some of you may be thinking … “Who the heck wants to get older?!” I too have my moments when I’m thinking (sadly) about how fast the seasons now turn and how many more wrinkles and laugh lines are popping up on my face. But think for a moment about what growing older means … what it really means.

It means we have experience … maybe in our professional lives but most certainly in our personal lives. It means we have succeeded and failed. We have been healthy and sick, some of us with minor ailments and others with life-threatening disease. We have gained wisdom from living and from watching how others live. And we are alive. Yes, we are growing older as I write this. And it’s awesome. Continue reading