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Long live the Lifelong Learning Centre!

I had been a Continuing Education student at the University of Regina for decades—oh my, time flies!—before I ever heard of the Lifelong Learning Centre. In fact, I learned of it only a few months ago from a friend … a friend who’s 76 years young and attends classes there regularly. (She fancies the art-related classes.)

The Centre is located at the College Avenue Campus. Established in 1977, it was originally called the Seniors Education Centre. Over time, it evolved and now serves learners of all ages.

No prior formal education is required for the nearly 200 non-credit courses offered at the Centre each year, and most have no assignments or homework. That’s right … no grades, no assignments, and no exams. Continue reading

FYidoctors is age-friendly

I was recently waiting for my husband, Kelly, at FYidoctors – Regina Grasslands early on a Saturday morning. Kelly was in with Dr. Gaucher (the best eye doctor in the biz!) while I sat in a waiting room that overlooked the optical. People were swarming in to the optical for a sale on eyeglass frames. I noticed an elderly woman enter the optical alone, and she was obviously overwhelmed, likely by the crowds AND the hundreds of frames on display. (I too would have been overwhelmed.) All of the sales reps were busy. But I did notice one of them quickly excuse herself from her current client to warmly greet the woman and take her to a smaller section of frames until a sales rep was available. Continue reading

Daisy’s Pantry serves up homemade, take-home meals

Today I met Darla Saunderson, owner of Daisy’s Pantry, a quaint little place on 15th Avenue near the General Hospital that serves homemade meals and fresh bread and baking, all inspired by her Grandma Daisy Keck.

Daisy’s Pantry offers a cozy place to enjoy a meal or coffee. Continue reading

Here we go!

This year is off to a roaring start, and it’s going to be full of fun “firsts.”

I am officially self-employed for the first time, which will be my … let’s see … third career. (I can almost hear my mom having a spasm, which she did when I told her in 2001 that I was leaving a well-paying job to start my second career.) Numerous career changes are the norm these days, especially for Gen X’ers like me. This one, however, is going to feed my soul like no other.

Kelly and Me

With my husband, Kelly – my biggest fan

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