FYidoctors is age-friendly

I was recently waiting for my husband, Kelly, at FYidoctors – Regina Grasslands early on a Saturday morning. Kelly was in with Dr. Gaucher (the best eye doctor in the biz!) while I sat in a waiting room that overlooked the optical. People were swarming in to the optical for a sale on eyeglass frames. I noticed an elderly woman enter the optical alone, and she was obviously overwhelmed, likely by the crowds AND the hundreds of frames on display. (I too would have been overwhelmed.) All of the sales reps were busy. But I did notice one of them quickly excuse herself from her current client to warmly greet the woman and take her to a smaller section of frames until a sales rep was available. Within a few minutes, a sales rep came to serve the woman. The rep spoke gently and slowly to put the woman at ease and engaged in meaningful conversation with her, even got her a chair, all the while sporting a friendly smile.

It was heartwarming to witness—during a busy Saturday sale, in a store packed with eager buyers—a sales rep take her time and show genuine care in serving the elderly woman. I left feeling good about FYidoctors and how they treat elderly clients. Actually, it made my day.

Have you experienced other age-friendly retail stores in Regina?