Get out those “buffet pants”

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. ‘Tis the season to start overindulging. Thank goodness for “buffet pants” (what Kelly and I call any pants containing spandex, which allow our mid-section a bit more room after a monster meal!).

Thanksgiving in Canada was traditionally about being thankful for another year’s harvest and having enough food to survive the winter. Today, we maintain our attention on thankfulness, but with more emphasis than ever on food, usually turkey, gravy, dressing, and pumpkin pie as the big finale.

I am always thankful for my family, good friends, and good health … not just at Thanksgiving, but each and every day. (Sappy but true.) But as this Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I find myself being thankful for so much more, thanks to No Place Like Home.

Since starting the new venture, some wonderful seniors have entered my life. They are amazingly special people who show me the power of gratitude each time we meet. Each has health challenges … some due to illness, some due to the normal pains of an aging mind and body. Each has experienced profound loss. Each has more years behind them than ahead of them. But instead of focusing on their hardships, they see the light in each day, which includes some level of independence, the health they still enjoy, and the contact and support they receive from family, neighbours, and friends.

So this Thanksgiving, in addition to my family, friends, and great health, I give thanks to the lovely new seniors in my life … AND to their extraordinary family members, who persevere through the challenges and struggles that come with having aging parents and busy lives, and who approach each day with courage, strength, humility, and grace.

I am thankful for all of these new friends in my life. My life enriches each day through the time we share together and through the lessons they teach me.

After all of this gratitude, am I still going to do what everyone else does and overindulge this Thanksgiving? Absolutely. Who can resist?! But I am equipped with plenty of “buffet pants” and will just have to put a few more hours in at the gym to work it off. That pumpkin pie will be soooooo worth it!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!