Let’s get physical

I was pleasantly surprised to read last week about new research showing that older adults can train at higher-intensity exercise levels than once believed. Strength and power training workouts have shown excellent fitness gains and functional strength in seniors, which can assist with many activities of daily living.

Read the Leader-Post article.

The earlier we incorporate high-intensity training into our lives and the longer we do it, the better. Although fitness is lost without exercise, isn’t it great to know that it’s possible to regain it at any age.

In my early 20s, I dressed in costume with friends for a Halloween party. I dressed in weight-lifting garb, supposed to be Hans from Saturday Night Live’s “Pumping Up with Hans & Franz” sketch, but apparently I looked more like Olivia Newton-John. (Must have been the headband.) If you loved the 80s, this one’s for you …