Long live the Lifelong Learning Centre!

I had been a Continuing Education student at the University of Regina for decades—oh my, time flies!—before I ever heard of the Lifelong Learning Centre. In fact, I learned of it only a few months ago from a friend … a friend who’s 76 years young and attends classes there regularly. (She fancies the art-related classes.)

The Centre is located at the College Avenue Campus. Established in 1977, it was originally called the Seniors Education Centre. Over time, it evolved and now serves learners of all ages.

No prior formal education is required for the nearly 200 non-credit courses offered at the Centre each year, and most have no assignments or homework. That’s right … no grades, no assignments, and no exams. Courses focus on personal interest and are especially interactive, encouraging students to share their ideas and experiences.

There are courses in arts and entertainment, computers and technology, fitness and movement, health and lifestyle, languages, writing and literature … the list goes on. There are also noon-hour forums and some volunteer and community programs.

If you’re over 50, you can join the Seniors University Group for $30 a year to enjoy lower fees for Lifelong Learning Centre courses, the Live & Learn newsletter, invitations to special lectures and social events, and access to U of R libraries at no charge.

There are some accessibility challenges at the College Avenue Campus. It’s more than 100 years old and needs work. However, a Campus Renewal Project is underway to address infrastructure and make improvements in this area.

More information about the Lifelong Learning Centre is online, including the latest program guide.

Kudos to the U of R for realizing the potential of seniors and their thirst for knowledge and for providing such a valuable and rewarding service for them. Long live the Lifelong Learning Centre!