Here we go!

This year is off to a roaring start, and it’s going to be full of fun “firsts.”

I am officially self-employed for the first time, which will be my … let’s see … third career. (I can almost hear my mom having a spasm, which she did when I told her in 2001 that I was leaving a well-paying job to start my second career.) Numerous career changes are the norm these days, especially for Gen X’ers like me. This one, however, is going to feed my soul like no other.

Kelly and Me

With my husband, Kelly – my biggest fan

As founder and sole service provider of No Place Like Home Personal Assistant Services for Seniors, I am, well, just that … a personal assistant for seniors. I can help with shopping and appointments. I pick up clients at their door, transport them, carry their wares or assist them at their destination, and get them home safely. I can spend some fun time with clients in their home, playing cards or board games, helping to bake a batch of cookies or to plant a few flowers in spring. I can also help them get things done around the house, such as renovations or fix a broken appliance. (I know some great, reputable service providers in Regina.) If a client wants to go out for fun, we can do that too … for coffee and pie, for ice cream, to a live show, to a craft show, or to whatever a client fancies. The service is personal, different with each client, and tailored to their interests and needs. The goal is to keep seniors as independent as possible and in their own home or apartment as long as it’s safe for them to be there.

The idea for No Place Like Home was born last year. I was having so much fun volunteering with seniors that I wanted to spend even more time with them. I also saw some of them struggling on their own, many with no family or no family nearby. I knew I had something to offer. I’m super organized, I’m social, and I care. I thought, “I can help!”

Another first … blogging. I’ve been a huge fan of my friend Katie’s blog for a few years now. She’s a master! Her blog focuses on achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It’s light, funny, and loaded with healthy food ideas and recipes. If I can blog half as well as she does, I’ll be a happy camper. Every post will relate in some way to seniors. I will share info about local events, community or government news, tips for seniors or their caregivers, and some of my personal experiences.

On that note, I met a beautiful group of seniors recently at Wintergreene Estates, a retirement community in Regina’s south end. Many pulled themselves away (or may have been gently coaxed, I suspect) from a big curling game on TV to come and hear about my services. Bad timing on my part … who can compete with curling?! Each and every one of them was absolutely lovely. I want to send a shout out to Annette Polasek at Wintergreene for making the arrangements. Annette, you’re a gem.

If you have a comment about a blog post or a suggestion, leave a reply or send me an email at I’d love to hear from you.

It’s official … I’m now a blogger!