Pandemic was far off … until it wasn’t

Whoa, now that was a long hiatus! When I was planning startup of the business in 2013, I really wanted to have a blog. People told me that it would be tough to keep a blog going as a one-person operation. I thought, nah, I will be able to keep it going in my “off hours”. Well, those people were right. My blog fell down the list of priorities over time as things got busy.

But I’m back! Although I do wish it was on a lighter note.

I think we all knew deep down that a pandemic would happen one day far into the future, but certainly not in our lifetime, right? Well here we are, eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic and not an end in sight. We’ve all been affected in ways we probably never could have imagined. But no matter how challenging it’s been for us, imagine for a moment what it would be like to be an elderly person, whose family and friends can’t come to visit, or who are not allowed to leave their care home—maybe not even their room—except to attend a crucial medical appointment.

It’s important to keep connections with the elderly people we know and love while protecting their health. We have to be creative in how we connect in the absence of human contact and touch.

Call them by phone. Send them cards and notes. Set up a window visit. Drop off flowers or treats. If technology is an option, send an email or text or video message. Share photos and stories of happy times and memories. Do whatever you can, whenever you can, to let them know that they are loved and not forgotten.

Little gestures go a long way. And, honestly, isn’t it the least we can do? They have done so much for us and for the society we all enjoy today.

This pandemic won’t last forever. Keep your spirits high, and keep smiling behind your mask. We will be able to safely visit in person and give hugs again one day soon.

Hug your friends. Sometimes they need it. : aww